Prescott Curling Club

Welcome back! The season is scheduled to start on Saturday October
14th and wrap up on Friday March 29th. A full list of planned events is included in the membership package.

We are really working on reinventing the club and bring in new members and events this year. Everyone can help. Invite your friends and neighbours to come to our Open House or sign up for the Learn to Curl program.

Our club is only successful with the help of volunteers and are ever thankful for those that have stepped up. We welcome new talent and ideas to make Prescott Curling Club an even better experience and encourage every member to get involved.

We now have an online registration but haven’t started online payments yet. Membership fees can be paid by e‚Äźtransfer to We also accept debit cards at the club. Of course, cash and cheques are also welcome.

Welcome Back!


Little Rock Curling

Little Rock Curling

Whether you are brand new or have a little experience, come out and join us and you will know everything you need after our 6 weeks Learn to Curl program.

League Curling

Available Monday to Friday

Monday – Competative

Tuesday – Learn to Curl

Wednesday – Mixed League

Thursday – Lady’s night

Friday – Casual mixed league

Advertise with us!

Sponsors welcome to advertise on ice

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